6 Best Pre-Workout Foods

Pre-workout foods are important because they provide you with the nutrients and fuel you need for a great workout. Here are 6 snack ideas to munch on before a workout:


Nature’s power bar is packed with potassium and carbohydrates! They are great for supporting nerve and muscle function. Bananas have also been linked to building stronger bones and a sharper mind.


Oats are a great snack, especially if you want to train longer and harder. They are filled with fiber and gradually release carbohydrates, which keeps your energy levels consistent. They are also a great source of Vitamin B, which converts carbohydrates to energy.

3.Dried Fruit

If you want something that is easily digestible and filled with simple carbohydrates, this is the snack for you!  Peaches, apricots, pineapple, raisins, cranberries, and apples are all great to snack on.

4.Whole Grain Bread

Eating a single slice of whole grain bread is a great way to intake carbohydrates. If you want to add some protein, pair it with a hard boiled egg or low-fat turkey.

5.Fruit and Greek Yogurt

The perfect combo! Fruit is filled with carbohydrates, while greek yogurt is a great source of protein. The carbs breakdown quickly and become fuel for your workout, while the protein lasts longer and helps prevent muscle damage.

6.Trail Mix

Nuts have a high fat content. They provide protein and calories that are required for gaining muscle mass. With that being said, this is not a snack you want if you are trying to lose weight. When buying store bought trail mix, try and find it without chocolate or yogurt covered nuts.


It’s a good idea to eat 30-90 minutes before your workout to reduce bloating. If you’re eating a light snack, eat 30 minutes before. If you’re wanting to eat a larger meal, do so 90 minutes before.


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