13 Ways To Get Motivated To Workout

We all have a want to workout, but sometimes the hardest part is actually getting to the gym. Here are 13 suggestions to get yourself motivated to hit your local gym in New Orleans:

  1. Write down how you feel after every workout
  2. Remember why you started
  3. Sign up for classes
  4. Have a workout buddy
  5. Surround yourself with motivation. (Hang quotes around your house, set it as your phone background, etc)
  6. Set both short-term and long-term attainable goals
  7. Do it for the after selfie
  8. Track your success
  9. Give yourself a reward
  10. Remove ‘should’ from your vocabulary: “I HAVE/ GET/ NEED to workout today”
  11. Plan your workouts in advance
  12. Have a great playlist (we have another post with playlists here)
  13. Wear some sort of fitness tracker

Need a couple more reasons? You can find more suggestions in this Buzzfeed article.