Simple Program Design

Simple Program Design

I am going to show you the easiest and simplest way to design a total body workout program for yourself in a quick minute.  To do this, we need to think about Functional Movement.  At The Parks, we focus on training movements not muscles.  This makes for a more efficient workout.  Think of the upper body in 4 movements: Vertical Push, Vertical Pull, Horizontal Push, and Horizontal Pull.  These 4 movements hit every muscle in the upper body.  For the lower body think of two stances: Squat movement  and a split leg movement (or lunge movement).  These two movements hit every muscle in the lower body.  You can now create a workout based off of those 6 movements.  Ready:

Vertical Push Exercise – Overhead Push Press

Vertical Pull Exercise – Lat Pulldown

Horizontal Push Exercise – Bench Press

Horizontal Pull Exercise – Seated Row

Squat Exercise – Sumo Squat

Split Leg Exercise – Reverse Lunges with Kettlebell hold

There are tons of different exercises for these movements so feel free to mix it up.

Now for the all important core.  Our core is basically everything from our chin to our thighs, front and back.  From your abdominal wall to the lower back, your core should provide stability for your entire body.  Planks and plank variations are the most efficient way to strengthen your core.

I will now answer the last question that I know some are thinking:  How do I get my abs to show?  In the kitchen, sprint intervals, and time.  To be lean, you have to eat lean.  Sprints at the end of a workout is basically like throwing lighter fluid on a fire burning fat.  Lastly, give it time and be consistent.  It’s going to take time.


If you are interested in learning more, please come see Jonathan or one of our trainers.  We are more than happy to set up a comp session to give you a feel of a personal training session.


Jonathan Hernandez