Top 10 Amazing Things About The Parks

Top 10 Amazing Things about The Parks by The Jonathan Hernandez

10.  We have a fitness director that calls himself “The Jonathan Hernandez”.

9. Our Group Exercise and Cycle instructors take their playlists very seriously.

8. This place is so clean! #wecare

7. The Membership Bear, Richard, lives on a farm.

6. We constantly have fun with contests and giveaways and…..just all kinds of fun stuff because Parks = Fun.  #equations

5. Our trainers tell jokes during their training sessions.  #kneeslappers

4. We let you try one free TRX and one free Parks Barre class so you can experience the madness.  #

3. David cares….like really, really cares.  It’s annoying how much he cares.

2.  R.J. takes our Parks videos very seriously.  He’s making me take acting classes.  #somanyvideos

1. YOU

(Honorable Mention: The Inbody scale gives you all the information needed to reach your fitness goals.  #veryveryexpensivescale)