Benefits of Strength Training for Children

Benefits of Strength Training for Children
Strength training, when safely conducted, can offer many benefits to the younger trainee. It must be remembered that these sessions should be properly supervised, and the training of a non-competitive nature.
If all guidelines and precautions are in place, the following benefits can be realized:
– Increased muscle strength and endurance
– Sports performance enhancement
– Better cardio respiratory function
– Helps protects the childs muscles and joints from injury associated with other activities
– Stronger bones
– A desirable body composition
– Lower blood cholesterol levels
– An exercise habit that lasts a lifetime
– The concept of goal setting
– Child develops an interest in their health
– Self confidence
– Good nutritional habits.
As you can see, some of the benefits are more obvious than others, but getting kids to enjoy the benefits of exercise at a young age will go a long way in forming the habits they will have as adults