Sept Employee of the Month – Rose Gautier

A big shout out and hearty congratulations to Rose Gautier our September employee of the month !  Thanks to Rose’s herculean effort we were able to clean and prepare the gym to open only 8 days after hurricane Ida passed.  Rose not only cleaned and organized she also spent time on the roof clearing sludge and debris. The Parks wants to thank her for not only her work opening the gym every morning and keeping the cub clean but all the extra effort she puts in to making the Parks a great place to workout.

Now here’s a little about her you might not know.  Rose was born in the motor city, Detroit, MI and moved here with her family when she was 4 years old.  She has a lovely daughter Andrea you may have seen at one the desks pouring into her studies. Andrea is majoring in political science and is the captain of her dance team. Rose is one proud mama!  One of Rose’s favorite hobbies is  cooking and barbecuing .  Her specialties include baked macaroni and cheese, gumbo and jambalaya. Of course she loves her Saints. You may also catch her humming along to a Kenny G or Michael Bolton song.  Asked what she likes the best about working at the Parks, she replied “I love interacting with the members ” .

We appreciate all you do.   Thank you Rose.