How to have a Safe and Effective Summer Workout

The summertime makes for great outdoor workouts, but can be draining. Here are some tips to have a safe and effective workout during the summer heat!

  • Stay Hydrated

It is always important to stay hydrated during a workout (check out our later post), but even more so during the summer! Being out in the hot sun is draining and it is important to keep your body cool. As important as water is, some sports drinks are also beneficial to replacing electrolytes.

  • Signs to stop exercising

Make sure to listen to your body. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseated then stop and find some shade. Make sure to re-hydrate yourself and if necessary, end the workout a little early. Heat cramps and heat exhaustion can be dangerous to your body.

  • Time of day

When you workout can make a difference! Try to exercise in the mornings or at night when it tends to be cooler. Usually the times to avoid outside workouts in the summer is between 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

  • Avoid dark colors and tight clothes

Darker colors attract the sun. It’s best to wear brighter colors when exercising outside because lighter colors reflect heat. It also helps to avoid tight clothes and wear something loose. This allows your body to cool off better in the heat.

  • Wear sunscreen

The sun can be harsh on the skin. Wearing sunscreen while working out will help lower the risk of your skin getting damaged.

  • Acclimate to the heat

Get your body use to working out in the heat. Start out small and work your way up to doing full workouts outside, if you chose to. Even the most experienced trainers have a difficult time doing a full workout in the hot sun, so it is important to pace yourself.

  • Seek shade

Try and take a break from being out in the sun. When you take a water break find somewhere shady to re-hydrate and allow your body to cool down.

  • Try outdoor activities

Participate in physical activities that are harder to do the rest of the year. Swimming is great summer workout! Your body is constantly in motion. If you want to work on cardio or strength, this is the workout for you! Hiking is another great activity. Being outdoors lowers the risk of depression and is also great strength training.