Everyday Wellness Tips: Health Goals Appraisal

Everyday Wellness Tips: Health Goals Appraisal


Approaching the three-month mark of the New Year, let’s take a look at how well you are accomplishing your health and fitness goals. It is obvious that there is less people in the gym now than there was the first week in January, so let’s take a look at your biggest obstacles.


Step 1: What was your goal?

Step 2: How successful have you been in accomplishing your goal?

Step 3: What has been getting in your way?


Some common roadblocks: I don’t have the energy at the end of the day to go to the gym; I can’t seem to find the time; I don’t have the motivation to keep going.


You don’t have to search hard to find an excuse to not go to the gym. How about we dig deep to remind ourselves why we set our goals in the first place? Instead of getting hung up on not exceeding your weight loss goals, how about focusing on how much more energy you have now that you’ve been working out more. Or, instead of getting upset that you haven’t beaten your personal record yet, why not sharing your expertise so that you can help someone achieve his or hers! A big hurdle in fitness is maintaining motivation, so changing your perspective on your goals can be a great way achieve success.


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