Everyday Wellness Tips: School’s Back?!? What Do I Do Now?

Everyday Wellness Tips: School’s Back?!? What Do I Do Now?

by J. Casey Martin, LPC, of Martin Mental Health 

In just a couple of weeks school will be back in session.  This time of year can be incredibly stressful for so many reasons.  For parents, getting your kids back in a normal sleep routine can be impossible.  For students, the anxiety of learning the demands of new teachers and meeting new people can be overwhelming.  Not to mention all the costs of school supplies and some new clothes.  Here are some pointers to help with the transition:


Parents – Begin implementing the sleep schedule at least a week before school starts.  Your kids will hate you, but they will be upset anyway so don’t take it personally.  Start by waking them up approximately 15 minutes earlier each day.  This will ease the transition without creating a significant change to their routine.  Reward them for their good behavior with something you were going to give them anyway to start the new school year (ex: new shoes or let them pick out their favorite school supplies).  Also, turn off electronics at least an hour before bedtime.  The LED lighting in TV’s, tablets, and phones keeps the brain activated and impacts your ability to fall asleep.


Students – You will be experiencing lots of change which can be stressful, so try and take some of the uncertainty out of your first week back.  Before school starts, do a walk through of your class schedule to make sure you know where all the buildings and classrooms are located.  Also, don’t wait until the last minute to buy your books.  If you contact your professors now and ask them which texts they plan on using, you can order the books online “used” at a fraction of the cost.  One last tip, everyone is going to be wearing their newest and best outfits the first couple of weeks, but you’ll be so overwhelmed you’ll barely notice.  Try waiting until you get to know a couple people in your classes, and then bust out the new gear.  You will be sure to catch everyone’s attention.


Good luck!