1.  I am stronger than I thought.

TRX and Rip N’ Run are classes designed for you to move at your own pace and make an exercise more or less difficult as you see fit.  But a funny thing happens, you start to challenge yourself just because you are surrounded by others.  You will start to push yourself a little more, just because I yell out, “You showed up, you might as well be awesome today.”  You grind out one or two more repetitions because you know you can push yourself to that point and not getting those two more repetitions become unacceptable in your mind.  You become intrigued.  Because you are stronger than you thought

2. I can do things that seem impossible at first.

As the instructor starts giving out directions for a certain circuit or “round” of exercises that are shortly going to be upon you, you think in your head, “No way I am going to able to do a 30 second sprint on the Curve followed by a minute of Chest Presses, a minute of Jump Rows, and a minute of Lacrosse throws all on the Rip Trainer!!!” And guess what happens.  You get through it.  And then you get through the next circuit or “round”.  And then the next circuit.  Even though your mind is telling you that you are exhausted, your body is still moving.  Still completing repetitions.  You start to become passionate.  Because our bodies are capable of amazing things, it’s just that sometimes we need that push (or kick in the butt).

3. I am mentally tougher than I thought.

You are now halfway through the workout and your crazy instructor is yelling something about “Keeping good form while fighting for those last couple of reps”.  You are exhausted and just want to sit down….but you don’t.  Because you know that you can finish this workout.  You know even though your legs are burning, your shoulders are on fire, and you cannot seem to catch your breath; that you will finish this workout.  Through this workout you will realize that you are mentally stronger than you originally thought.  That you will be able to pass on dessert at dinner.  That you will be able to wake up early to get in a morning run.  That you will be able to finish cooking dinner and ignore the temper tantrum happening on the kitchen floor without getting frustrated (personal experience).  You start to become spirited.  Because your will power is getting stronger and you are getting mentally tougher.

4. I like this feeling.

Congratulations.  You are done and exhausted and can barely stand up.  But you feel great.  You feel empowered.  A sense of accomplishment comes over you.  You can get through anything if you just got through that.  You will have more energy for the rest of the day and you will have a great, positive attitude walking out of the gym.  You will go to sleep that night knowing that you got 1% better that day, and with a bunch of consecutive days in a row like that, you are slowly but surely becoming the best version of yourself.  Because you are now enthusiastic about YOU.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” –By Jonathan Hernandez