The Power of Sports

Sports provide much more than the obvious physical benefits. Young athletes look and feel more fit than their peers who don’t participate and they gain practical tools to help them develop psychological and physical habits that will carry on throughout their lives. The lessons learned through various sports programs not only benefit them now in childhood, but will contribute to healthy habits that will influence them for years to come. Discipline taught in sports cannot be learned in a book or in a classroom. As parents and guardians work alongside coaches, athletes learn to apply these lessons in every walk of life.


Coach John Wooden in his book Wooden-A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court said, “I think parenting, coaching, and teaching are the same thing. And they are three of the most important professions in the world. Parents are coaches, the first coach a child has. Too many parents expect the coaches and teachers at school to do what they are not doing at home. The parents must set the foundation early. Its is often too late by the time a child goes to school.” The truth of the matter remains: the arena of sports will provide powerful life lessons to develop your child into the man or woman you desire them to be. Hopefully, as parents, you will consider the powerhouse of sports to teach life lessons to your child. It can be a most rewarding choice for both you and your child.


–Shannon Patterson