We opened The Parks in New Orleans, Louisiana in June of 2012 and we will soon have our “Grand Opening”, but it was a year ago that the idea to open up a new gym with a completely new brand was presented to me.

I’m not so important in the company, but my input was appreciated nonetheless. This new facility was going to be a state of the art facility designed around the community. The equipment would be incredible and top of the line of course and the emphasis would be on working with our professional staff of trainers to open up new opportunities thus helping our members get into the best shape possible.

A year later we opened. It took a ton of work and planning to make the opening happen and I was lucky to sit in on all of the work from the beginning. Choosing the name, designing the layout and purchasing the equipment, staffing, membership sales, and even creating a mini-boot camp to offer to new members before the gym opened. Everyone played a part in getting this place open and we all continue to make The Parks better every day!

How does this relate to fitness?

Where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to change yourself, or create a “new” you, you need to have a goal, a plan to get you there, a project schedule, and the time management skills to help you find your way.

Just like we needed those resources to open a new gym, you need those same resources to get to the goals that you have in life. This is where a trainer can help.

You can consult a trainer to take you through a workout, or you can use a trainer to help orchestrate your personal life changes and fitness goals. We hired a general contractor, an architect, and a designer to put together a gym. All you have to do is speak to a fitness director and you will be taking the first step towards success.

Setting goals, managing decisions, scheduling your time, evaluating your progress, being flexible, and staying motivated will get you where you want to be in life. It worked for us with opening The Parks, and it can work for you too if you only choose to “respect the process” and stick to your dreams.

Let this new New Orleans gym get you into the body that you have dreamed of. Set those goals today and get started on making it happen, maybe by next year we will be having a “Grand Opening” for you too!

Jonathan Kaufman