The number one and most popular resolution that Americans make is to workout and/or live a healthy lifestyle! While many make this resolution, only a few percent stick to it. Setting a goal to workout or live a healthier lifestyle is awesome, but sometimes it’s hard to stick to it. Try these tips to stick to your New Year’s resolution:
1. Write it down and make it visible.
-When you write something down you tend to have more of a commitment. By putting your goal somewhere that you will see it every day, you will have that daily reminder
2. Make one change at a time.
-If you set a goal to workout, and it is a new habit to you, start small. Once you start achieving those small goals, you can gradually work up to bigger changes throughout the year.
3. Be realistic.
-Set a realistic goal. The more realistic it is for you, the better chance you have of achieving it. If you never went to the gym and then decide to go 5 days a week, it’s going to be hard. Start with something simpler like maybe 3 times a week and go from there.
4. Celebrate the little victories.
-Make sure to celebrate! If you kept up with your goal for 2 weeks give yourself a pat on the back! Just make sure that when you do celebrate you don’t stray away from your goal.

5. Talk about it.
-Tell people about your resolution. It really helps to know that people are there to support you. If you can, even try and get someone to be your buddy. It helps to have another person there pushing you to reach your goal.