We know how you feel. It can be challenging to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most simple diet and fitness tips that you can find. We know everyone thinks that they have the answers but we feel that it’s important to go back to the basics.

1: Think FRUIT FIRST – Got a sweet tooth that won’t let you sleep? Instead of grabbing for that high calorie snack, reach for a yummy piece of fruit on your counter. You’ll be happy you did and that you’re still on the healthy track.

2: Find Fitness Friends – Though you may enjoy that early morning run by yourself through the neighborhood, research has proven that working out with a friend can actual help you see better results. Likewise working out with friends and being social has been proven to motivate and help you reach your fitness goals.

3: Police your Portions – Does that juicy steak take up half of your plate? If so maybe cut it in half and fill the empty space with yummy veggies. Portion control is vital to a balanced diet and accomplishing your healthy diet goals.

4: Cheat Days – Cheat days aren’t horrible for your diet however the horrible part is what comes after the cheat days. People tend to justify other ways to cheat on their diet and soon enough all your hard efforts has gone down the drain. The secret to success is to find something that works for you EVERY DAY of the week. That way you can get rid of cheat days all together and live a balanced lifestyle.

5: Think Positively РAll diet and fitness success starts in your mind. You have to envision your success. You have to envision your healthy self then your body will follow. Many times we talk about the goals we want to accomplish and the healthy lifestyle we want to live but we doubt ourselves and prevent us from reaching success. BELIEVE you can do it.

These are just a few of the diet and fitness tips that we’ve found to be successful. For more diet and fitness tips click here.


Joey Rice

Parks Health & Fitness Marketing Director