There is so new equipment in the PT area that everyone can enjoy. Below we have highlighted what the new equipment is and how it will benefit you and your workout. Enjoy!


Regardless of your fitness level, sandbags offer a wide variety of fun and challenging exercises guaranteed to amp up the intensity you deserve from your workouts! From single joint movements to compound exercises, plyometrics and real world functional fitness, the benefits are limited only by the powers of the imagination.

Vicore Bench

The Vicore Bench is the latest in soft surface training technology. Whether you’re performing your favorite Chest Press, Tricep Extensions or V Ups this amazing piece of equipment will improve your core strength, balance, agility and coordination.

First Place Plyo Boxes

Plyometric Jumps are among the most efficient exercises for developing power, agility and increased athletic performance. These boxes are ideal, as they are convenient to stack, allowing for safe, adjustable height. Though perfect for jumping , they allow for a diverse selection of body weight exercises as well. Step Ups, Declined Push Ups and Side to Side Shuffles are just a few of the many exercises that can be performed on this simple, yet efficiently designed equipment.

We hope you enjoy this awesome new equipment!

Brian Olivard
The Parks Health & Fitness