Instant Gratification Frustration
As we hit April, often we start to get frustrated by our progress from January or our New Year’s Resolution, to where we are now. It’s been 3 months and we hear that if you exercise and eat right then we will see results. Mostly, we will see changes but may not the changes we were hoping for. I, myself, was just recently frustrated by not reaching personal fitness goals and I came across a quote by Bret Contreras,a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, who is well respected in the fitness community nationwide. Simply stated: “Sometimes there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to the results we see from our training and dieting. You can eat perfectly for a few weeks and see little to no progress, or you can specialize in a certain lift for a month or two and not achieve any noticeable strength gains. Other times you find that despite the fact that you have been slacking, your body is looking better and better and constantly setting PRs. This happens because 1. human physiology is incredible complex and unpredictable, and 2. we cannot see changes that our occurring on the molecular level. One phase of training often paves the way for future success in a subsequent phase of training, and hormonal fluctuations likely explain some of the confounding results we see in with our diets. Don’t be deterred by ‘off weeks’. Progess is never linear; the body transforms in waves. Hard work and consistency ensures that the waves trend in a positive direction so that every few months you’re leaner, stronger, and fitter.”

Or in my words: “Keep showing up and good things will happen.”

by Jonathan Hernandez