Battling That Inner Monologue

Do you ever find it challenging to finish your workout or even get started at all? Sometimes that little voice in my head tells me to stop before I run that last lap or finish that last rep. Luckily there are a couple of tricks I use to battle this negative inner monologue and I’d like to share them with you. Use them to help motivate you in times of fatigue.

Tune out the Negativity– Everyone has that song on their Ipod or MP3 player that pumps them up and gets ‘em going. Save this song for the end of your workout to help push you through the finish line. My favorite is “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, don’t lie you know you love it too.

Self Coach– When I think start to think I’m getting tired my inner coach comes out. That’s right, I’ll actually talk to myself to keep myself going. If you ever run next to me on the treadmill you may hear me tell myself “Lock it up! One more lap” or “Get your butt in gear! You’re not done yet”. Works every time.

Compete– Find a workout partner. Pick a workout buddy that has strengths where you may have weakness and may have difficulties where you excel. For example I’m a strong runner but I don’t always push myself in the weight room. I found a workout partner that can help me with resistance training and I can help him with cardio. Then we can push, motivate, and challenge each other during workouts. Personal trainers make great workout partners and coaches.

Goals– Are you preparing for swimsuit season? Everyone wants to look slim and fit on the beach. Is there a high school reunion approaching, maybe a wedding? Or are you training for an upcoming race? I have the Tough Mudder approaching soon and I think about it every day I’m at The Parks. To do well tomorrow I need to push myself today.

I hope these little tricks help you during the hiccups in your own workouts and can teach you how to stay motivated in the gym!

Josh Pahl, AT