Training the core should be at the center of your gym workout. Our core is the beginning and the end for most of the movements that are accomplished in the gym and in our functional roles in life. Unfortunately, most of us train the core as an afterthought at the end of our workouts. We do it to finish our training or as a way to do a little “and then some” but perhaps a change is needed?

I like to incorporate core or abdominal work at the beginning of a workout. By training the core at the beginning, we put emphasis on the importance of a strong midsection and don’t minimize the work. You can also put the energy and attention into your core training that usually isn’t there at the end of a grueling workout.

Our torso muscles do 4 basic functions

1. Stabilization
2. Lateral Flexion
3. Rotation
4. Flexion

Because most of our core use takes place while standing (open chain), non conventional training (unlike crunches, and leg lifts) such as cable work or medicine ball work is preferred.

There are several advantages to training with Medicine Balls.

• Allows users to work while standing in a sports specific position that is comparable to that in golf, tennis baseball, and other activities that involve striking skill.

• Allow us to apply plyometric concepts to the core to create power (speed x force applied) and connects endurance work to strength work for total development.

• Teaches the use of force holistically so that the athlete can recognize the chain of force that is applied throughout the entire movement from the ground to the ball with the core as the vital link.

• Can be done alone if a rebounder or concrete wall is available.

• Has a total body conditioning effect.

Functional Training is big in fitness and training the core is a priority to keep your body working properly and injury free. A strong core is developed with both conventional and unconventional types of training. Medicine balls help us to train our athletes the way they are meant to move and not just for the benefit of getting stronger or looking better.

Add this type of training to your workouts and watch the progress manifest!