Beach Weekend Workouts:

I took a weekend trip to Destin, Fl this weekend to relax with my family and spend as much quality time with my wife and son as possible.  A beach getaway should be as much fun and relaxing as possible.  Your body will love you for letting it fully recover and de-stress from the daily routines we have become accustomed to.  But some of us de-stress with a workout or like to keep focused on our goals with a workout or like to feel better about ourselves eating a pack of Oreos with a workout at the beach.  So here is the workout I did this past weekend at the beach.   Grab a towel, dig your toes in the sand and make sure you are hydrated because I got after it.


Jonathan’s Quick Circuit:

10 min beach jog warmup

1 set of:

50 Single Leg Reverse Lunges (Left Leg)

50 Single Leg Reverse Lunges (Right Leg)

1:00 min plank

50 Close- Grip Pushups

1:00 min plank

50 Wide- Grip Pushups

5 supersets of:

:30 seconds of High Knees (standing in place)

:30 seconds of Butt Kicks (standing in place)

:30 seconds of Heels to Heaven (ab work)


10 Broad Jumps – 10 Pushups                                                      5 Broad Jumps – 5 Pushups

9 Broad Jumps – 9 Pushups                                                      4 Broad Jumps – 4 Pushups

8 Broad Jumps – 8 Pushups                                                      3 Broad Jumps – 3 Pushups

7 Broad Jumps – 7 Pushups                                                      2 Broad Jumps – 2 Pushups

6 Broad Jumps – 6 Pushups                                                      1 Broad Jump – 1 Pushup



by Jonathan Hernandez