The Parks Health and Fitness offers the highest level of personal training in New Orleans.

Whether you want to lose weight, lose inches, get stronger, increase your metabolism, improve your nutrition, or just improve your overall health and fitness, our expert team of certified personal trainers are committed to providing the right “game-plan” for you to reach your goals.

We offer 1-1 personal fitness training, semi-private and partner training and small group personal training. Our dynamic, fun, results-oriented workouts combine resistance training, cardio workouts, plyometrics, core training, functional fitness and flexibility. Choose a Parks personal trainer that can help you today with your health and fitness training.

Clients come to us for many reasons:
• Weight loss
• Improve energy
• Increase metabolism
• Accountability
• Motivation
• Program Design
• Flexibility
• Sports Performance
• Results!!!

Our experienced fitness instructors have specific education, backgrounds, and training in exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports training, functional fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and lifestyle management. Our personal trainers are trained to evaluate and assess your body for muscular imbalances and design personalized programs to fit your needs, thus maximizing your results in a safe and effective manner. Your personal trainer will provide you with the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to attain your goals, change your body, and transform your life.
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You cannot know how far you’ve come in your progress unless you know where you started. This Fit Test provides that baseline for us when you begin your training. You will also perform this test approximately 6-8 weeks into your training to check your progress, think pre test and post test. This test consists of 6 exercises designed to show you a snapshot of where you are now and will act as your fitness baseline giving you an idea of your strength, power, endurance, conditioning, core strength, and balance capabilities. These exercises include…
1: the Vertical Jump (lower body power)
2: GTS Pull-ups (upper body strength)
3: Medicine Ball Throw (upper body power)
8: Plank Hold (core strength)
7: Single Leg Balance (strength imbalances)
6: the 300 Yard Shuttle (endurance).

InBody 370

The InBody 370 is made by 15 years of professional know-how and integrated cutting-edge BIA technology. You can check immediately the result of body composition analysis on LCD screen and history monitoring of body composition development is provided on a 7 inch color screen display. For advanced clinical services, InBody 370 offers in-depth obesity diagnosis, segmental lean analysis, and body fat evaluation as well.
Wellness and Weight Loss with the InBody370
Wellness and weight loss come from a healthy lifestyle and is not focused on weight but centered around the ration of muscle to fat. Learn more about our wellness and weight loss programs to start living a healthy lifestyle.
The InBody Test provides ample results to track your progress. Discover and start monitoring your muscle distribution, fat allocation and body water balance and metabolic rate. Ask your trainer or any employee of The Parks to get your InBody Test today!


The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems. This exercise philosophy and corresponding set of resources is based on sound science, years of innovation, and current research.
Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.
The FMS generates the Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used to target problems and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.
Exercise professionals monitor the FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.
The FMS simplifies the concept of movement and its impact on the body. Its streamlined system has benefits for everyone involved – individuals, exercise professionals, and physicians.